Saturday, October 20, 2012

Book Burning!

           I told my friend Barbara recently that if I had to read my book, Like a Cedar in Lebanon, one more time, I’m going to burn the thing. So…I’m having to read it AGAIN! Before publishing. Should I burn it?
         Of course I won’t burn it, although I feel like. I just want to move on, go forward with something else, write on one of the other three novels that are a work in process. I so want to be done with this book.
         Having said that, I must admit that my characters in Like a Cedar in Lebanon have become dear friends to me, like family. Often, at the most inopportune times, my characters pop into my brain, and scenes from my novel float through my mind. Sometimes I want to rewrite those scenes, but of course, it’s too late.
         So I think I want to do a sequel, carry on Jack’s and Lebby’s legacy. That’s one of the joys about writing! I can do that! I can do anything I want.
        But a writer is only as successful as the enjoyment of the readers.  Some may debate that statement, but that’s where I am at in this juncture of my writing journey.

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