Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Writing and Dieting! Say, What?

That sound you hear is me heaving a long, drawn-out, noisy sigh! Why, you may ask, am I sighing? Well, I’ll tell you. I started Weightwatchers Online two weeks ago. I have discovered dieting is much like writing – it takes discipline.

For some of you, this is not a new discovery. But for me, who has been thin all my life (okay, all you haters, go ahead and hate – I hate that skinny me who could eat anything I wanted and not gain weight. She has deserted me), dieting is a real challenge. I weigh as much now as I did when I gave birth to my babies – only I have no baby inside to blame my protruding belly on. If it wasn't so obvious how old I am, I'm sure people would be asking, "So when is your baby due?"
As a kid, eating was a nuisance. Ugh! Who wanted to take time out to eat when there were so many fun things to do instead? Nor was I a big sweet-eater, not as a kid or even as a young adult. Not sure when that changed, but change it did. Don’t be surprised to find me in the bakery section of the grocery store quietly eating my way through all those donuts and pastries ( my sweet weakness)behind those glass doors. Seriously, shouldn’t those doors have a padlock, and not easy-open access?

I discipline myself to write. Once I start, I’m glad I did. Getting started can be a challenge. So it is with dieting. Getting started wasn’t as hard as sticking to it. We had company over the weekend – well, every Sunday after church family comes over for lunch. But this Sunday I had my family and some of my husband’s family (at a different time).

I cooked and baked. And I ate! Then I ate some more…and more! You get the picture. I lost one pound my first week on Weightwatchers, and gained it back the second week just from the weekend alone. (another heavy sigh)

Today though, I am focused on my diet, and on my writing. It’s all discipline! Unlike yesterday when I arose determined to write several chapters on my WIP, and instead, put a jigsaw puzzle together. Discipline, discipline, discipline. I refuse to give away my skinny clothes, and I refuse to leave poor Betty, one of my main characters, at that rehab when she really wants to go home now. 


  1. I'm right there with ya, sister! Sticking to a Low-Fat, Diabetic Diet is a challenge, too, but after watching the pancreatitis attack my brother went through, I'm determined to lower my blood sugar levels and my triglycerides. I'm slowly, but steadily working on Neely and Finn's story. Writing should keep me from eating. It's hard to type with sticky fingers!

  2. Jan Christiansen, we all definitely need to eat healthier. Yay for Neely and Finn!