Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Resurrecting My Creativity

Slump! In fact, a bumpy slump. I’ve been in a writing slump. Yeah, yeah, I know. That’s nothing new for most writers or artistic people in general. I’ve given myself pep talks, tried to pray my way out of it, but…..

So last week my husband, Jeff, and I were spending six glorious days in the beautiful mountains and woods outside of Prescott, Arizona. Our friends own a deluxe, luxury cabin and once a year we spend a week there so Jeff can paint – or rather, put a stain – on the exterior. And I, while he is painting, am free to do whatever I want. Well, besides making sure Jeff has meals.

This time I was psyched to do nothing but write. Ten thousand words of writing was my goal. It’s very doable since I do that amount whenever I participate in NaNoWriMo. I was going to spread the ten thousand words over several novels I’m working on and some short stories.

Did I accomplish my goal? I’m glad you asked. No! NO! Said with anguished tears and gnashing of teeth. In fact, I wrote not one single word.

For one thing, there were numerous storms that hit Prescott last week which messed up the WiFi connection, and interfered with Jeff’s ability to paint. Having no connection to the internet certainly would not prevent me from writing IF my computer would turn on.

After I got over my disappointment about not having WiFi, then an electrical storm sent my laptop into a tailspin. Yes, I had it plugged into an outlet without a surge protector. I was so distraught over the condition of my laptop, that I couldn’t enjoy the quiet peacefulness nor the beauty of my surroundings. For a couple of days, anyway.

If I trust that God is in control, then I need to let go of my expectations, which brings me to the place of still being on a quest to resurrect my writing mojo. It’ll come.

My laptop? This non-techie granny somehow managed to revive the thing. It went from repeated blue screens, dump crashes, shutting off almost as soon as I turned it on, and only opening in safe mode, to returning to its former state. I’m sure I need a new laptop, though. Hint, hint, Jeff! We have a twentieth anniversary coming up. 

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