Wednesday, October 1, 2014

To Fear or Not To Fear

I was at a church women’s conference recently (AZWI Retreat) and the speaker asked us to think of what our fears are, then take them symbolically into our hands and offer them to God.

I had to really think on that for a moment. What do I consider a legitimate, debilitating fear in my life? I have normal fears, or I guess concern is a better word. I don’t want one of my loved-ones to die before me. I don’t want to suffer a painful or slow agonizing death, nor do I want a loved one to go through that. I don’t want to suffer poverty to the point of being hungry or homeless. I don’t want my husband to stop loving me and leave. I don’t want someone I love to hate me.

Some basic fear is good. It’s what causes us to take fight or flight when danger threatens. But what do I really fear? And is that fear healthy? I finally concluded that I fear that when I’m gone, who will stand in the gap for my family in prayer. Who will carry the burden and longing to see that everyone makes it to heaven?

I also concluded that there are so many things out of our control. For those things we can’t control, we have to trust God. And use the knowledge and wisdom He’s given us. If I’m walking in the woods and see a bear in the distance, I don’t keep walking towards it because.....well, I’m trusting God. I turn and walk or run in the opposite direction. Maybe that’s a silly analogy, but you get my point.

Other than God, family, and friends, my focus at this juncture in my life is my writing. I do care and have a concern that my writing will fail to bear fruit. But that is definitely when I need to trust God. 

Do you have a fear? Is it a normal fear, or an obsessive one? 

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