Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet Jack and Lebby

       Meet Jack and Lebby (short for Lebanon).  Once upon a time in the small town of Yacolt, WA Jack and Lebby met. She was a sweet, beautiful sixteen year old full of enthusiasm for people and life, and he was the handsome, charming youth pastor eight years older than her.
       She got her first romantic crush and he became obsessed. It was a tragedy waiting to happen, and happen it did. Lebby lost her innocence, her youth, her hometown, her friends, her family and the boy, Ethan, that she should have married.  Instead she got pregnant and felt she had no other options than to marry Jack. By this time their relationship had progressed to the point of Lebby being abused and controlled by Jack.
      Are you already disliking Jack? He stole this young girl’s hopes, dreams and innocence. She had led a sheltered but peaceful life. She could be your daughter, granddaughter, sister or next-door neighbor.  She is the All-American girl.  But who names their daughter Lebanon anyway?
     Maybe Jack has a reason for his behavior, but no matter what circumstances made him do the awful things he did to Lebby, does that excuse him? Of course not! But can we find understanding and forgiveness in our hearts for the likes of Jack? Can Lebby?

You can find out when my book Like a Cedar in Lebanon is released. Be looking for it.

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