Saturday, November 24, 2012


My book is finally out “Like A Cedar In Lebanon.”  My first published book!  Well, okay, I HAD it published—self-publishing, but I am excited nonetheless.

One of the key points of the book is forgiveness and reconciliation. Lebby (Lebanon), the heroine is an innocent, naïve girl raised in a Pastor’s home when Jack comes to town. Jack is handsome and charming and sweeps the young girl off her feet. From that point on Lebby’s life spirals downhill in a web of abuse and deceit, later forcing her to flee with her two babies and go into hiding.

Years later, Jack finds them and claims to be a new man.  Can Lebby trust him? More importantly, can she forgive him? He stole her youth, her innocence and is essence, her life. Now she’s made a new life, a wonderful life, for her and her children. To do so, she had to sever all relationships with her family and friends in her hometown of Yacolt, WA.

Both Jack and Lebby learn a valuable lesson in true forgiveness.

Get the book. It’s worth the read!

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