Friday, November 30, 2012

God Is Faithful - Like A Cedar In Lebanon

"Mom, the only good that's come from my relationship with Jack is Joyanna and Pauly. What other good can come from this? Nothing, Mom! Not one thing!" (excerpt - Lebby to her mother in Like A Cedar In Lebanon") Have you ever felt like Lebby? We make choices, and then look for someone of something to blame when things go wrong. I married very young. I was barely sixteen years old and he was eighteen. I was in love with love and the thought of being a wife and mother. By the time I realized I was in a bad relationship, I had brought five children into the world. Lebby, in “Like A Cedar In Lebanon,” feels trapped. I felt trapped – angry, depressed, hopeless and helpless. As a writer, I weave tales based on my own life experiences, either personally or people I have known or worked with throughout the years. I find there’s a two-fold result from that: it either dredges up painful memories, and I hurt all over again, or I find healing in writing about it. God proves himself faithful to both Jack and Lebby in Like A Cedar In Lebanon, just as he proved himself faithful to me all these years. As we close the month of November, I am so thankful for my relationship with Jesus Christ. The road hasn’t been easy, but I’ve never walked alone.

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  1. Your writing brings the story to I know why. It's always difficult to put our life experiences out there, but you're right, God is faithful and our stories help others to see that. Thanks for sharing your life with us.