Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 As A Writer

“T’was the night before Christmas…” And then Christmas was over and done.  I hope everyone enjoyed the season--that it was filled with love, laughter, loved ones, and remembering the Reason for the Season is Jesus.

Now that the New year, 2013, is upon us and then all those pesky resolutions start appearing.  I always make resolutions---that get broken.  So my resolutions for 2013 are:

**Lose weight (my all-time most used one). **Eat healthier. **Exercise more. **Read the Bible more. **Pray more. ** Finish all the novels I’ve started (4 of them). **Get published by a traditional publisher. **Write, write, write, write (you get the idea).  **Push the sales on my book Like A Cedar In Lebanon (I haven’t really done much with that other than creating a Facebook Author Page)

But the most important thing I am determined to do in 2013 as a writer, or otherwise, is to press into God like never before, to lay my head on His chest and hear His heartbeat, to be enveloped in His presence. I want to see people through His eyes.

God bless you one and all! May 2013 bring all your hopes and dreams to fruition.

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