Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No, I Won't Write Your Life Story!

No, I will not write a book about YOUR life story! Do it yourself. I get questions all the time about how to get published, or I’ve even had a few people ask me if I would write their life story!

Uh…no! In case you didn’t understand, let me repeat – NO!  Besides, I am a far cry from being an expert in the field of writing.

I listened on the phone for an hour last night to someone relating their personal life experiences to me. This is an acquaintance, and not someone I’m close to. I kept wondering if I could just hang up and pretend we had lost the connection. (I’m sure that violates some Christian code of conduct, so I didn’t). But while murmuring, “Uh huh, yes, okay, hmm,” and a hundred other mundane things to assure her I was listening, I did not find anything unique or appealing in her story.

Finally, I informed her I had to go. I had to do this for my peace of mind. I probably would’ve hung up, except I kept thinking of my daily prayer time when I get to the part of, “Oh, God, use me. Make me a blessing. Make me sensitive to Your Spirit, and help me to see people as You do. Give me a heart of love and compassion for others.”

Yep, I pray that all the time. Be careful what you pray for because God takes your prayers seriously and literally. Having said that, at the conclusion of the phone conversation, this person finally got to the point of the phone call: “Will you write my life story? I’ve lived an amazing life with all the things I’ve been through.”

Hm, let me think about it! Actually, my answer was quick and to the point, an emphatic no. When she kept trying to talk me into it by relaying more tidbits from her life, I finally said, “Listen, I’m currently working on three novels. I refuse to start something new. I pray about what I write, and I can tell you for certain that God is not nudging me or laying it on my heart to write your story.”

She was disappointed, maybe even mad or upset with me. I told her to write her own story. No one else will have the passion to share her life story like she will. Everyone has a story, and perhaps yours should be in print. If you feel that, be kind to others and don’t insist a writer do your job for you.

Enough said!

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