Friday, April 5, 2013

Sharing Truth As a Writer

As a Christian writer, I am first and foremost a Christian. As long as my Christianity is as it should be, all areas of my life will be affected – my life as a wife, mother, brother, sister, daughter, friend, neighbor, co-worker, and as a writer.

God wants truth to be told, and truth can be told as we write fiction. As writers, whether we write fiction or non-fiction, what message do we want to convey? What do we want readers to see and feel from our writing? More importantly, how does our writing portray God, Jesus, Christians, and faith?

Everyone has a different message God has laid on their heart as a writer. I deal with tough issues as I write: abuse, divorce, adultery, molestation, abortion, gossip, unfaithfulness, to name a few. And these things all happen within the church! Yikes, you may exclaim – you mean Christians aren’t perfect? If you find that hard to believe, you haven’t been in church long enough.

I have good news! In the midst of all that, GOD REIGNS! That is my message! That is what God has called me to do as a writer. Bad things happen to good people, to Christians. Good people, Christians, do bad things! Does God stop being God because of that? Absolutely not!

Most television, movies, and writings – unless faith-based – portray Christians as psycho-babbling, bible-thumping, scripture-screaming, judgmental, bigoted morons.

God wants truth told! Let me repeat that: God wants truth told. He is the originator of truth. In His Word, He lays it all out there: the good, the bad, and the ugly! I want to show God’s heart in the midst of suffering and failure. He is compassionate, and He does grieve over the tragedies and suffering of His children, even when it is of their own doing.

God is calling writers to share the truth of His nature, the truth of how He wants Christians to behave, the truth of how He can restore, the truth of His love for mankind!

Share that truth!

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