Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Stress

Christmas parties and more Christmas parties! How many Christmas parties do you attend in an average December every year? The advantage – or disadvantage if you aren’t a social being – of belonging to groups, church, and a work place is that there are plenty of parties to attend.

I love Christmas. I love all the parties. I love Christmas music. I have a large family, a very large family. I buy gifts for everyone. I fix the Christmas Eve and Christmas day meals almost single-handedly. I bake a ton of cookies.

CHRISTMAS CAN BE VERY STRESSFUL FOR ME! I can’t seem to get enough hours in the day to do all I need to do. I develop insomnia (Well, I struggle with insomnia all year long). I break out in a rash.
One year the rash was so severe I decided to visit the dermatologist where my daughter, Stephanie, works. The rash started on my neck and worked its way up my throat. It itched and burned like crazy. The good doc gave me a shot and prescription for pills and ointment. It cleared up, thank the good Lord.
Months later the pesky rash returned. I go back to see Stephanie’s doctor. “Ah, you had the same rash last December,” she says.

December! A light bulb flashes before my eyes. “That’s it!” I say to the female doctor. “I’m allergic to Christmas!”
Jesus is still the reason for the Season. I don’t think Jesus wants us to be so stressed that we break out in a rash. Having said that, I still haven’t arrived at the place where I don’t do a million different things at Christmas. Help! I have decided that I'm taking a break from writing for the month of December.
Merry Christmas to all and God bless us, everyone!

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