Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why Do I Write?

 I cringe whenever a writer asks about my book Like a Cedar in Lebanon. I especially cringe whenever a writer asks to read, or does read, my book. I know I’ve said this before, and I feel like I’m repeatedly beating a dead horse, but, excellent writing techniques are lacking in my book. The most blatant is head-hopping or going back and forth with characters’ POV (point of view).

I ask myself again, WHY DO I WRITE? What purpose do I want to accomplish?

In my prayer time, those times when I truly press into the presence of God, my heart cry is, “God, I want to show people You! Show them that Your love never fails, that You restore, repair and give hope and life to a broken humanity.”

That message is clearly evident in Like a Cedar in Lebanon.  So why fuss, then, about the fact I head-hop in my book? Of course, we should care about doing our best for the Lord. But the fact that I do head-hop, does not dilute the message of my book.

Someday, I'll rewrite my book. I have promised myself this. Why? Because I love this book. I love my characters. 

God, I commit all that I write to You. May I bring You glory. This came to me yesterday, via facebook from my daughter, Denise:

A Pharmacist at work read your book....wrote a review recommending it to all 16 yr old & up girls. Best book she's read, she started to cry saying that she has a family member (he) that needs to read it, restoration & forgiveness IS possible — with Leola McCurdy Ogle.

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