Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don't Ever Quit!

Birthdays! Bah-humbug! Today I turn 64. Yowzers and Yikes! Old is the word that comes to mind! BUT I don’t feel old! I am NOT old! That’s my proclamation and I’m sticking to it!

When family and friends ask what I want for my birthday, my typical response is “it’s okay, nothing!” or “scented lotions, scented candles or bath/shower gels.”

This year my answer is different.  I WANT TO BE PUBLISHED! Being a writer and not being published is like having an awesome new dress or outfit and nowhere to wear it to show it off.  Of course, one could say that the dress is only beautiful to the wearer, no one else likes it but her.

The same could be said for writing. No one thinks his/her writing is good but him/her. I hope that’s not the case with my writing. I want to touch people, bless people, minister to people with my writing.

I grew up in church. In days of yon, anyone and everyone could get up and sing a special. And dear hearts, some of those people couldn’t sing worth a hoot.  In fact, some were like fingernails scraping on a chalkboard. The sad thing is that they THOUGHT they were the cat’s meow (no pun intended) with their singing. Or some of those contestants that try out for American Idol or America’s Got Talent. With have no skills or talent at all.

I do understand that there are some that “write” whose writing is like the fingernails scraping on chalkboard. We had one such gal in a writer’s group I belonged to a few years ago. Her WIP or novel she was working on was appealing, at least it was to her and her family since it was her life’s story, but her writing skills and technique was deplorable.  And although our critique time with her was gentle and gracious, she got the hint and quit coming.

DON”T EVER QUIT! If writing is your passion, your dream, then use critiques to grow your craft and learn from it. Some critique will not be accurate, but always keep an open mind.

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