Saturday, July 14, 2012

Zumba and Writing

Zumba! I’ve been hearing a lot about Zumba, an exercise craze, the past few years. Exercise! Bah humbug!

When I was young I loved to diet and exercise. I loved staying in shape and maintaining my weight. I had five babies, and after each birth, I’d exercise faithfully. Sometimes I felt addicted to exercise.  I pursued exercise and dieting with a drive and passion.  I had discipline.

When I was younger I also dreamed of being a writer.  I yearned to write, but I never disciplined myself to writing. My life always seemed too full, too busy, too hectic to spend time writing.

I heard a speaker or preacher say one time that we make time for what’s important to us.  Looking back, I could’ve found time to write.  Oh, I made half-hearted attempts to write. I loved keeping journals and I did do that for many years, but I never worked on that novel.

Now I’m retired. And I write! I write all the time. In fact, I write when I probably should be doing something else. I am disciplined! I have drive! I have passion!  When I’m not writing, I’m reading or studying about the craft of writing.

Alas, not so with dieting and exercising! I bought a really nice treadmill from my daughter about two months ago and I have been faithful about maintaining a daily time on the treadmill. I’m still working on the healthy eating though.

I started going to a Zumba class recently. It’s fun! It’s invigorating! But it is hard work, at least for this sixty-three-year old. It’s going to take discipline.

It seems ironic to me that when I was young, I had discipline when it came to diet and exercise, but not with writing. Now it’s reversed. I want to write and I am. I want to get in shape, but....

The things that make you go hm!


  1. I know how this feels all to well. You're are a young and beautiful 63 years young and have been crazy enough to try Zumba out. I liked this post, I hope you can continue to not only stay active but strive to be healthier! You rock my socks off Leola!

    1. Well, thanks Joy! You rock my socks off! You are a motivator!