Saturday, August 18, 2012

Too Busy To Write?

It’s been a busy week. BUSY!  This was the week that I swore I would have my book sent off, or at least the beginning necessities of sending it off.  Not so!  I’ll tell you a secret. I spent a considerable amount of time spinning my wheels being frustrated and stressed because I was too busy to do more on my novel, or book, or my WIP.

Let’s face it, fellow writers: LIFE HAPPENS! It would be nice if the earth stopped spinning so that I could finish all my writing projects. Grrrr!  That doesn’t happen, and with my large family and tons involvements and obligations, the chances for me to have a quiet, uninterrupted day, let alone week is almost non-existence.

The key for me instaying afloat during these times is to keep positive, and reiterate to myself that as a Christian I have surrendered my life to Christ. Knowing that nothing in my life catches God off guard, and that He can use every circumstance in my life for His purpose gives me the assurance that He has it all under control.

Having said all that, of course, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes I just freak out  or get into a self-pitying funk.  I choose to rise above my self-pity though.

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