Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Writing Christian Fiction

As a Christian writer, particularly a writer of Christian romance fiction and Christian romantic suspense fiction, I bring an inspirational (inspirational sounds so much nicer than religious) slant to everything I write. Don’t misunderstand, I have written a few things that aren’t Christian in nature, but wholesome none-the-less.

I have a number of writer friends on Facebook. I use the term “friend” lightly because some I’ve never even met. Anyway, there have been a number of posts lately from these Christian writer friends about religious, political and current event issues. And, in case you didn’t know this, Christians disagree on a variety of religious and biblical issues.

Did I hear a gasp? Just kidding. Most people already know that, and sadly, it is that very thing that liberals and the media love to point out. When we argue with each other, it discredits the very thing we seek to defend. I’m not talking about friendly debate. I’m talking about vicious ranting and name calling.

Where am I going with this, you may be asking yourself. The answer is simple. When I write Christian or inspirational fiction, my slant will be what I know, what I’ve lived, what I’ve experienced. And that, dear friends, is where controversy can arise.

One of those writer friends on Facebook posted recently, “What are you giving up for Lent?”  I’ve never practiced Lent in my denomination. Because I haven’t, that in no way negates the observation of Lent. It’s a beautiful tool to get Christ followers to take the focus off themselves and onto Christ.

So, whatever your particular slant is on religion or Christianity, as you write, let it simply glorify God. And don’t allow yourself to get sucked into debate and arguments on scripture, religious beliefs and practice if in doing so, you’ve done more harm than good. 

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